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Jun. 11th, 2014



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Real life

I want to thank everybody who sent me words of encouragement and sympathy during my mother's long ordeal. For those of you who don't know, she fell sick last March. She went in for a routine exam and what followed next was completely avoidable. A negligent surgeon, well, negligented away. It took 3 1/2 months for her to finally succumb. She never came home again but she, and us, always thought she would get through it. Even after multiple operations, even if sitting up in bed was the greatest thing she could do that day, I would visit her, and there she would be sitting up in bed, waiting for all the visitors who came to see her.

My mother died in July.

We are pursuing the case.

There are 2 things happening: 1) I miss her so much. 2) My life is going forward. I really dislike it when anyone says, "I know you miss her, but you have to keep going on," or "You'll keep going on, but you'll never forget her."

I know that. The former bothers me much more than the latter, especially when it comes from people who have never experienced the death of a parent or death in general in their lives.

This entry reads a lot more depressing than I intended it to sound. I'm still feeling quiet. I'm still feeling calm. I'm still feeling like I don't want to be bothered by a lot of people.

But I missed you all. And I missed LJ.


Join Womenverse!

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I cannot even tell you how excited I am for this! I have been waiting all year:

take the horror challenge

Updating list of movies under the cut.

= Wild card

Ratings @

10 = watch it
5 = idc either way
1 = avoid it

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after a long, bloody, protracted battle with mental illness, twentysomething aimlessness, soulsucking and life-swallowing romantic relationships, and holds on my diploma for parking tickets and lost library books (LOL TBH), I HAVE AN IMPORTANT MACGUFFIN IN MY HAND, LIKE THE STAFF OF RA:

YO --






Virus business

For a while now, a few people have been leaving comments in my journal which simply consist of a Youtube video and some random commentary, usually in a foreign language. I didn't know what to make of them and since my general commenting policy is to let people say whatever they want on my blog, I mostly left them there, neither replying to or screening them, unless they were clearly advertising spam.

I finally found out the reason behind them and this is a notice that unless I know you, I will be instantly deleting any Youtube-only comments that appear suspicious.

The Avengers

It was all right.

I probably would have enjoyed it more if I'd seen all the preceding Marvel movies with Avengers heroes but I can't be arsed. All the movies are in the same continuity right?

The real star of the movie is the crumpled jacket RDJ was wearing when he first met them all. WHERE DO I GET THAT.

IMO the movie doesn't really start until Hulk starts smashing. The last 45 minutes are probably worth a second viewing.

team coulson before it was cool

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Help support Planned Parenthood!

Originally posted by dance_the_dance at (136) Help Us Support Planned Parenthood
Originally posted by nickeldreams at Help Us Support Planned Parenthood
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Join us in standing up for reproductive health and education. Planned Parenthood, the organization that delivers reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of people worldwide, has come under fire in the U.S. lately, with many politicians on both state and federal level seeking to end funding (and in a few cases succeeding).

During the month of May, you can send a specially designed Planned Parenthood vgift to your friends to help support this cause. (And if you need someone to send it to, frank is always happy to receive gifts!) There are three variations ($1, $5 and $10) for you to choose from, but they'd all look good on your profile when your friends know that you stand by something so important.


Thank you all for your help in our support for Planned Parenthood. This promotion ends June 1, 2012; LiveJournal is not affiliated with Parent Parenthood. For more information about Planned Parenthood, please visit:

-The LiveJournal Team

(If you'd like to help spread the word that we're raising funds for Planned Parenthood, you can crosspost this entry in your own journal or community by using the repost button below!)

I can't afford a vgift for now, so I'm helping spread the word.


I don't know what's been going on with me, but I've been living my life in complete assmode lately. I've just been feeling really antisocial and bummed out for the past couple weeks and I'm not sure why.

I think part of it is spring fever. It feels like all I've been doing is sitting and staring at the computer all winter and I just want to get out and do something,  I'm so sick of gaming and staying indoors and I've been feeling kind of creative lately.

And after this semester I am done.  I absolutely do not want to take my education any further, for about another 20 years.  I've decided.  Which means the Great Job Search of 2012 is coming up ahead, whoop whoop.

I think with all these changes, I've just been drifting away from Livejournal and getting sick of fandom (not that I was ever a huge participant in it anyway).  I don't blog here and mainly use LJ for the comms, but if I don't really find anything in them anymore then what's the point?  I have no plans to leave ffaforever any time soon, but I need a reason to stay on LJ besides FFA, hopefully something creative.  I also have a tendency to completely phase out one chapter of my life when I move on to another, and since I really like the people I've met on FFA and LJ I don't want to do that!

By the way

Pointing your attention to this article as the least condescending article about kpop by a hipster source I've read yet.

If you have any love in your heart for willfully weightless, blissed-out, shame-free pop music, there is a whole lot to love in the 20 videos below.

There’s very little pretense at artistic expression here; instead, these groups are hook-delivery systems polished to a blinding sheen. But that all-surface craftsmanship, in its way, can be just as moving as anything else; it’s humbling to watch people so insanely good at what they do.

If you still think pop music's a valid art form and think authenticity's a played out concept, you'll probably appreciate where the writer's coming from.

Omona's predictably herp derp about it but w/e.

I'd smang it

Which video game character would you like to have as your real-life BFF? One random response will win a $60 Amazon gift card! [Full contest rules here.] Don't forget to share your favorite gamer moments on at 3 p.m. PST for Free For All Friday (FFAF).

Andronikos Revel, SWTOR

Last call for Chrismas cards!

I'm closing them tomorrow morning before noon! So if you wanted an Xmas ecard here's the entry:



The holidays are here and here is the card exchange post I've been meaning to put up! I'm doing ecards this year because I really have a lot of fun making them so if you want one, leave your info and I'd love to send you one :-)

(Comments screened ofc!)

Nov. 15th, 2011

Originally posted by subluxate at post
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

gandolforf's brother, Eric Lee Bark, pictured above, was last seen in Maquoketa, IA, on November 4, 2011. He gave no word to his family as to where he was going.

Eric was born December 19, 1987. He is 6'2" and weighs approximately 170 pounds. He has hazel eyes and brown hair, and there is a 6" scar on the outside of his left arm, near his elbow. The last time he was seen, he was wearing a dark blue hoodie and blue jeans. His car is also missing; it's a green Jimmy with rust marks.

If you see him, please contact gandolforf at, on Twitter at gandolforf, on Tumblr at, or let me know. I will let A. know about anything as soon as I hear. You can also contact the Maquoketa Police Department at (563) 652-2468.

There is a Facebook post here; please pass it on if you can. There is also a Tumblr post here.

This post is public. Feel free to pass it on, in part or full, if you so choose.

Let Martin tell you

Trying to catch up with my flist from months back so I'll be in ur journals, leavin comments in ur old news.

Saw The Three Musketeers the other day. News flash: Orlando Bloom still extremely hot.


wrath = 10 icons
greed = 10 icons
gluttony = 10 icons
sloth = 10 icons
pride = 10 icons
lust = 10 spams
envy = 10 spams

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Writer's Block: Eraser dust

If you could delete one thing in life from ever existing what would it be, and why? (e.g., paper not being invented or the color ‘blue’)


Aug. 25th, 2011

if anyone's been looking for me and noticed i've been missing (well more than usual) over the past few days, my phone landline's been dead and my internet connection's been spotty/dead for the past 3 days.

verizon's being a butt about this, so i'm not sure when it's going to be fixed. hopefully at the LATEST, by early next week.

sending this from my iphone.

Ahhhh I am alive

Finishing my thesis turned into Some Necessary Alone Time To Think About My Future, turned into getting back into WoW and Rift gaming with utter sociopaths for a brief while, and before I knew it August was here. I learned life lessons and had epiphanies I'm sure, but they are all v. v. secret.

Anyway I have missed you all terribly. Especially you ffaforever and I will be slowly easing back into Livejournal again. I hope life has been treating you well? Tell me all the juicy details. I am eating an egg sandwich.



the specialest damn snowflake




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